working in philippines
Life is cheap in the Philippines
April 16, 2015
Nova University School Donation
Donation from Nova University School
June 21, 2016

Well I returned and then went home again…. Not a bad 30 day trip. The retarded girl Mercedes is not pregnant, her 2 yr old is doing well and she is 17 now. The stunted girl is still living with the feral family when I am not there, but now weighs 28 pounds at age 5. She is in a preschool program and I supply an allowance of 40p a day. Also had her eyes checked (she has two) and there are issues so she got her 1st pair of glasses. The old women I help support are doing as well as can be expected, still collecting scrap cardboard and making 50p-100p on a good day. Street kids are less visible as the police presence has stepped up dramatically. The little girl with the double cleft had her repair last year and looks much better. Driving is still a hazard with a special pic for the forum’s resident bus driver…. DUCK!

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