About Us

Hello and welcome to the Philippines Basic Needs Outreach Program

My name is Bruce Wheatley. I am a retired registered nurse who was invited to visit some friends in the Philippines back in February 2009. While there I was introduced to many different people and was able to venture out into the poor communities on the island of Samar, town of Catbalogan. I of course found numerous poor people with differing needs from medical help to housing needs to school and education needs for their children.This was a real eye opener and the start of an ongoing project which became the Philippine Basic Needs Outreach Program.

When I returned to the United States, I started to collect things for my next trip. With the help of a local medical doctor, I was able to collect basic medications for the treatment of infections and high blood pressure. Since my first visit in February 2009, I have returned many times. Each time bringing medicines and supplies to the local people as well as the local hospital that has minimal supplies.

I have sent many boxes full of supplies to the Philippines via a shipping company, with the average travel time of each box at 60 - 70 days. Friends started to help collect supplies and I recently formed a not-for-profit corporation in Florida. I have been asked many times why I go to the Philippines instead of spending my time and efforts and money here in the United States. I always answer the same;You can find poor and needy people in any country in the world, however it has been my experience in the Philippines that the local people are basically happy people without bad attitudes! and that makes all the difference in the world. No one accuses me of not liking them, not wanting to help them or any guilt aspects that the poor in America often display. No one in the Philippines has ever said that I 'owe' them anything. It is not 'my fault'....No bad attitudes... just basic friendly people looking for some help to meet their daily needs.

Why do I do this? Because I want to and I know once you get involved in helping the Filipino people you will understand why. With the Philippine Basic Needs Program there are no religious attachment at all. No requirements must be met other than those who receive our help must be poor and have a genuine need.

I know you too want to help which is GREAT!

Any help is both needed and appreciated. All funds and goods collected go to the poor people of the Philippines. We have no 'administrative fees' or salaries to pay, so whatever is donated is actually used for the intended purpose. I and others donate our time and you could also get involved in helping us help the poorest Filipino people in need. Thank You: Bruce Wheatley, RN

The Philippine Basic Needs Outreach Program

Is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising money and donated goods for the Family's and Children of the Philippines. At the moment most of our work is in the Samar area.

If you have any questions about this Program or wish to help in any way please visit our  Contact Us page. If you would like a little more information about the Philippine Basic Needs Program feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.