April 2, 2016

2016 Samar Trip

Well I returned and then went home again…. Not a bad 30 day trip. The retarded girl Mercedes is not pregnant, her 2 yr old is doing well and she is 17 now. The stunted girl is still living with the feral family when I […]
April 16, 2015

Life is cheap in the Philippines

Here is a man, Jun and his wife Marina. Jun is a fisherman by trade but today with the waters being over fished (100 million people in the Philippines, most eating fish daily) the daily catch is not too much any more. So he works […]
February 4, 2015

Deaf Students Receive Gifts

After almost 4 months the LBC box was finally delivered and each deaf student got a cell phone and sim card and a load and candy too! Teacher got a cell phone and cash as she often must pay transportation costs for the students with […]
October 6, 2014

Watching helplessly as death slowly takes a 4 year old girl

October 5th, 2014. This is an update of the Stunted Girl previously written about and posted here on this site, www.philippinebasicneeds.com . Six months ago, I ‘purchased / leased / rented’ this girl from her parents for a pick axe. Took her in, properly fed […]
June 28, 2014

Hearing Impaired Children

In May of 2014, this short video was shot in the last Hearing Impaired class for the city of Catbalogan, the capital of Samar Province, Philippines. The class was given notice that the video was going to be shot and therefore they made an effort […]
March 9, 2014

More Philippine issues

There I was, just minding my own business, up on the hill talking to the squatters when as usual, I had drawn a crowd. In the US, I am usually followed by cats. But here, as there are at any one time, only a hand […]
March 2, 2014

Samar 2014 Trip

I’ve returned to Samar The runway in Tacloban was intact. But all the buildings were damaged. The very small baggage carousel was still there but the moving top was missing. There are tent cities now and thousands have moved into them while thousands of others […]
April 21, 2013

Stunted Growth for child

Stunted growth for poor child This is stunted. A medical diagnoses resulting a child that is malnourished and underweight and has diminished mental capacities as well as a smaller brain. If caught before 20 – 24 months, it may be reversible. But not in this […]
March 30, 2013

First day back in Samar

On my first day in Catbalogan, it was business as usual. 1 pregnant 18 yr old looking for money so she could get an X-ray (Forrest Gump again…..) very rare for an X-ray to be done on a pregnant woman… but she did not know […]