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March 30, 2013
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April 21, 2013
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First day back in Samar

On my first day in Catbalogan, it was business as usual. 1 pregnant 18 yr old looking for money so she could get an X-ray (Forrest Gump again…..) very rare for an X-ray to be done on a pregnant woman… but she did not know this and was trying to get me to give her money. I checked the baby heart rate and gave her 20 pesos (50 cents) she was happy her little ruse worked on me!
IMG_1138 IMG_1136 IMG_1125 IMG_1117
Then I rode out to see some old friends…. all the kids had eye issues so all got eye drops…..

And of course the cats. I walked in the door and let out a loud meow and they came running. Had not seen me since last June but knew that sound meant I was back and they get to eat meat / fish again. Sad really… they have to eat left over table food and that means rice that smells like a bit of fish. The family that runs the charity here ‘tolerate’ the cats because I told them that if anything happened to the cats while I was gone, I would be looking for another family! But the cats are just things to them and they get no real affection.

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