February 25, 2012

Return to Samar

Return to Samar Business as usual. This time I am staying in one of the small rooms of the new boarding house. About 2am there was a knock on the door and it was Venus saying her mother was in labor at the hospital and […]
February 25, 2012

Philippines Rural Hospital

Rural Hospitals in the Philippines are in a bad state. Traveled to another rural area of the Philippines with no doctor. 17,000 people in the area. Pics are of the local health department and their toilet, which has been out of service for 4 years! […]
February 26, 2012

Back to the Hospital

I rode back out the the rural health department building. The toilet is now repaired with a new drain line installed. I was doing a training class for several midwives that are not trained have no equipment, never seen a fetal heart doppler or blood […]
February 26, 2012

Slow day in Samar

Not much going on. I rescued a kitten from the flood. Actually I sent Denden out in the flood to save the kitten from the rising waters (he is expendable). Less rain and flood gone now. Went to the local jail and brought them some […]
March 3, 2012

Down but not out

Motorcycle Dangers in the Philippines Philippines Samar.Crashed my bike on the 28th afternoon. Not going too fast. In traffic, in town and a 6yr old boy ran out into traffic and Then heard a motorcycle coming! Why it was MY motorcycle…. He turned towards the […]
March 4, 2012

My last ten days

Went walking for the past 2 days. Seeing many of the people I have met in the past 3 years. While the street kids have grown and moved onto other jobs (menial) than begging, a whole new crop of street kids took over. The difference […]
April 9, 2012

Samar Philippines Charity Trip

Well lots of work to be done to help the poor in the Philippines so my bags are packed once again. I will be heading to the airport at the end of April where I fly into Manila then on to Samar. The photo shows balikbayan […]
May 19, 2012

Offered a baby!

Well, I was offered another baby today! Woman about 8 months showed up and offered her unborn baby to me. She already has 8 and her husband has left for parts unknown. I declined. I will give her some prenatal care and food, but the […]
June 16, 2012

Kids on the street

Here are some of the younger street kids. They camp out outside my place all day because they know I will feed them. The older kids go asking for money and go swimming in the ocean… you know big boy stuff that theses kids are not old […]