Bruce in the Philippines,Nothing has changed!

My associate and I plus rescued cat
April 12, 2020
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Bruce in the Philippines,Nothing has changed!

Paz, my $20 a week maid, Pacita, 78, and has advancing Parkinson's, her daughter Bambi, 47, Bambi's daughter Jennilynn, 21, and her baby, 20 months, and of course, my associate, Baby, 8. Oh! By the way, Jennilynn, a semi professional cat burglar - THIEF, was stabbed last month by her girlfriend / former crime partner. It appears she survived the chest wound.

Jennilynn, who never went to school beyond 3rd grade, said her baby was 1 year and 8 months old, but was unable to comprehend the baby was 20 months old. She had no idea there are 12 months in a year. This is her 2nd baby, as the 1st one, which she had at about 16, DIED from ... neglect. No legal consequences what-so-ever.

Also here is a picture of my associate Baby' s parents and one of her 5 feral brothers. Her 'house' (no water, no electric, and NO TOILET!) and my bike. They wait patiently for her to come home at night, not because of any concern for her, but because she brings home left over food!

And of course, Mercedes, pregnant again, still with the 50+ 'husband' and living up on the hill. Gave her $30 and told her to come back again before I leave in 3 weeks.


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