2019 Samar Trip

April 12, 2020

Poor family’s house in Samar

This is how a poor family lives. 7+ kids, from 9 to 23 or so. Mother can't really remember. Only the 3 youngest remain, including my associate, at 9. The older kids are all gone to bigger city areas to work where the average daily pay is $10. Monthly it averages out to between $80 to $120 a month.
April 12, 2020

My associate and I plus rescued cat

My associate has informed me that she is 9 not 8. Her mother is back in the hospital with more respiratory issues. I have been supporting her remaining 2 brothers, of an undetermined age, but less than 15. While the girl eats with me, I buy a barbecued chicken ($4.50) and take it to the family shack for the boys. I left .
April 12, 2020

Bruce in the Philippines,Nothing has changed!

Paz, my $20 a week maid, Pacita, 78, and has advancing Parkinson's, her daughter Bambi, 47, Bambi's daughter Jennilynn, 21, and her baby, 20 months, and of course, my associate, Baby, 8. Oh! By the way, Jennilynn, a semi professional cat burglar - THIEF , was stabbed last month by her ..