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March 9, 2014
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Watching helplessly as death slowly takes a 4 year old girl
October 6, 2014

In May of 2014, this short video was shot in the last Hearing Impaired class for the city of Catbalogan, the capital of Samar Province, Philippines. The class was given notice that the video was going to be shot and therefore they made an effort to wear some uniforms and clean up the room. The class funds are totally dependent on the local government and in reality is nothing more than 1 classroom with students from about 5 to 27 years old. They are taught basic sign language and basic reading skills.It is hoped that individuals with old or un-needed hearing aids may be willing to donate them to the class. As usual, any school related supplies are also needs. Old laptops, sim card ready cell phones are also needed. Tax deductible in the US as Philippine basic Needs is a 501c3 approved charity.Philippine Basic Needs
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