2016 Samar Trip
April 2, 2016
New Toilet for school
October 11, 2016

The charity received a $500 donation from Nova University School in Davie Florida. It is a high school that has a WIND program which means World In Distress. The students managed to get together $500 and I sent it to Catbalogan to the charity people there. The youtube video link here shows how the money was spent. Rather than to simply hand out money, local needy kids were identified and then told to meet the charity staff at a local store and each child had a budget of 1,000p to spend on school supplies. In addition to that a local school was also given a donation of 5,000p and the video shows that as well and a walk through showing storm damaged roofs, wet textbooks and the usual NO TOILET situation. I am attempting to broker a sister school deal between the poor school and the Nova University School here.

For those who have been following the charity and efforts made to help the poor in Catbalogan, the video starts out with the mother of the ‘little girl’ I have been helping for several years and ends with some video of her and her hovel squatter house. While still short and underweight, she is much healthier today than in past years. 30p a day allowance for her. Any more and the mother will take it and drink it away! She will be 6 on or about August 20 something…. I did not shoot the video myself as I am still in the US. The charity staff did as best as they could.

Also mentioned in the video is the (soon to be) 15 year old girl who is the primary caregiver of her siblings. She is in the 5th grade this year! Of the two kids running around with her, one is the double cleft lip girl, with past pictures and story on our blog.

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