Slow day in Samar
February 26, 2012
My last ten days
March 4, 2012

Motorcycle Dangers in the Philippines

Philippines Samar.Crashed my bike on the 28th afternoon. Not going too fast. In traffic, in town and a 6yr old boy ran out into traffic and Then heard a motorcycle coming! Why it was MY motorcycle…. He turned towards the sound, saw me and FROZE like a deer in the head lights! If he kept running, no problem. But noooo. He stopped.

So with my mind going thousand of miles per nano second…. I calculated the cost of killing the kid, or worse injuring him and then having to pay the family either way…. or dump the bike. I dumped the bike.

1 Broke right clavical, several damaged ribs below the arm pit, and some road rash. But I was very lucky. The bike had just a bent foot rest and brake pedal and slightly misaligned steering. Was fixed in 1 hr! Also since there was no head injury… none of the evil escaped! Thanks for asking…. my little brush with death has not changed my witt or satir!

I did not go to the local hosptal…. I was helped up and rode a motorcab home and a local traffic enforcer rode my bike home. The little boy ran off of course. He should have stopped by now though!

The road is a very old section of concrete with 2-4″ river rock instead of crushed stone. Badly pocked marked and slick with the stones. If it had of been black top or ‘proper’ concrete, I think I would have been OK.

Several hours later I was taken to a ‘retired police’ who is a self taught poor equavilant to a chiropractor. He applied traction and got the clavicle back in reasonably proper shape. The xray was taken (200 plus, sir) the next day for me to confirm the obvious…

Oh yes…. once I got home I took a shower to get cleaned up. My helper had to do my socks and shoes for me. This was a bigger deal than you might think as she, nor her husband own any socks. So it was a struggle for her. But she managed without having to refer to the sock’s instruction manual…..

Yes, I am aware that I am in the Philippines and that socks and shoes are ‘optional’. However, even though I do not follow the English tradition of changing one’s clothing multiple times a day to match the proper outfit with the time of day….. You shall NEVER see me in a wife beater / tank top shirt, shorts and (gasp please) Flip Flops! So not me….

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