Offered a baby!
May 19, 2012
New Pants for Street Kid
June 16, 2012

Here are some of the younger street kids. They camp out outside my place all day because they know I will feed them. The older kids go asking for money and go swimming in the ocean… you know big boy stuff that theses kids are not old enough to do or understand fully. They are in the ‘watching stage’ of street life and have just become capable of staying out all day and away from the older kids support group. Until night time when the older kids take the younger kids and ‘direct’ them in the art of asking for money. And a couple of kids finding street glass and metal scraps to trade for candy money.

The baby is the 1st one I was offered. The Philippine government will not allow foreign adoptions (baby can’t leave the Philippines) so as evolution is always underway, that baby is now a small toddler and able to be away from mom as she eats food now, so the older kids use her for the
‘awww factor’ in asking for money.

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