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Kids on the street
June 16, 2012
A lost cause
March 29, 2013

Same DIRTY street kid, but now he has PANTS!

I did not realize it but for at least the past 2 weeks he has been running around in that same dirty over sized shirt… and no pants. I rode up on the street kids 2 days ago and it happened to be the same time that the boy was taking a squirt, a wiz, a leak, a tinkle (no wait, girls tinkle) tapping a kidney, passing water, and / or voiding, in plain sight for the delight and amusement of all passers by… any event, he ain’t got no pants! (Actually, no one cared but me.)

Now I suppose it is my parents fault for raising me in a ‘pants required’ family. I would just feel half naked if I went outside with only a shirt nothing else!
Please excuse me for imposing my ‘pants required’ rule on the little street urchin, but I think it was a good decision.

So I spent 130p which is about $3.10. Got him the pants and shirt you see in the 2nd pic! And I gave his older brother strict instructions to tell his drunk mother to NOT sell the kids clothes….

hungry child

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  1. tiger31 says:

    transformation for 130 pesos very good

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