Nova University School Donation
Donation from Nova University School
June 21, 2016
November 2017 Update
November 20, 2017

Recently a teacher from a poor(er) school (grades 1-5) came and asked for assistance in providing a CR (toilet) for the kids. Seems that there were far too many kids and not enough CRs to accommodate those little butts…. The charity had help provide school supplies at the start of their school year about 5 months ago so she knew where to find us. Not answering the door was not an option as she would just come back! So I decided to confront the situation butt first!

The need was verified and a worker was obtained, a plan was made and put into action. In about 5 days, 1 worker, working alone, cleared the floor area, built up a raised area for the toilet, ran a pipe, filled in the empty space, cemented the floor, set the toilet and then dug a hole outside the wall, cemented in a hand made tank with an open bottom and finished it off. He also built a cement sink and a plywood stall for a minimum of privacy. As per local custom, no toilet seat.

All of which cost me $400 USD. Total. All materials, all labor costs. For a good cause…. Of course here in the US, what took 5 days there and 1 worker would have taken 2+ weeks and over $10,000 and work crew, backhoe, and a permit process and inspections ongoing until Christmas…. So that $400 is quite a bargain by my standards.

school-toilet-1 school-toilet-2 school-toilet-3 school-toilet-4 school-toilet-5 school-toilet-6 school-toilet-7 school-toilet-8 school-toilet-9

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