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Samar Philippines Charity Trip
April 9, 2012
Kids on the street
June 16, 2012

Well, I was offered another baby today! Woman about 8 months showed up and offered her unborn baby to me. She already has 8 and her husband has left for parts unknown. I declined. I will give her some prenatal care and food, but the Philippine government will not permit foreign adoptions due to a misguided attempt to stop any human trafficking or slave labor issues. I had already been offered several other babies and my attorney friend Jack put me in contact with a top adoption attorney who would pay for EVERYTHING (travel for mom / dad and baby to US for the adoption), plus costs and those ‘costs’ would be more than the parents would see in 10 years. But the Philippine government will not allow it. So, what is another street kid or thousand mean to them anyway….

As for medical things, 1 typhoid case and 1 thyroid goiter. Other than that, same old stuff. Typhoid is easily treated with antibiotics and the goiter patient I put on synthroid which costs (me) about $5.65 a month!

I have uploaded some pics to the gallery of the boat work in progress, street kids living on the street, a very dead guy, fishing village, snaggle tooth (one of my regulars) and children gambling, yes children gambling at the local ‘fiesta’ event (county fair on a very much smaller scale)


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