A Philippine horse and an old friend.
November 25, 2017
My associate and I plus rescued cat
April 12, 2020

This is how a poor family lives. 7+ kids, from 9 to 23 or so. Mother can't really remember. Only the 3 youngest remain, including my associate, at 9. The older kids are all gone to bigger city areas to work where the average daily pay is $10. Monthly it averages out to between $80 to $120 a month.

Mom and dad can not be trusted with money as they spend it on cheap coconut wine and gambling and cigarettes (very cheap here, $1 - $2 a pack) or about 6-10 cents each.

The only source of light at night is a crude kerosene fueled wick type of lamp that puts out bad fumes, but with no solid walls, there is always a breeze through the 'house'.

I noticed that my associate's social standing has risen notably in her peer group and at school after I showed up there. The teacher views 'foreigners' as potential donors to classroom welfare.

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