Philippines Rural Hospital
February 25, 2012

Return to Samar

Business as usual. This time I am staying in one of the small rooms of the new boarding house. About 2am there was a knock on the door and it was Venus saying her mother was in labor at the hospital and needed money for the supplies. I gave her 500 pesos ($11.60) and went back to sleep. An hr later she was back for $300 pesos more.

In the morning I want to the hospital and found Venus’s mother, father and brother AND the new baby all sleeping in the one bed. Baby appeared fine but they said the baby had a problem and the doc wanted 5 days of antibiotics for the kid. So I took the prescription and went to fill it because, if the meds were not purchased, and if the baby did have an issue, then the staff will let the baby die! So I returned with the antibiotics and IV supplies. (Note to Helen, I am NOT bringing back the kid so you can have a little brother)

Lots of rain the day I arrived and I took pictures of the small flooding. I then rode around and went to see Jennifer, the 14 yr old prostitute and she had not been seen since my last trip by the locals. I found her, although the story changed a bit as che says her real name is Inez and she is 16 now. I doubt it. See her pic in the blue shirt. She has a 24 yr old pedicycle driver she lives with and he beats her regularly, and their house was in a mudslide (see pic) so now they are living in the local neighborhood meeting hall.
But she wants to go to school so I took her to her parents house and they will let her live there if she goes to school. So we will see what happens.

I returned to the hospital in the afternoon and found that the baby was unattended as per the antibiotics. So I went to the nursing office and met with the assistant director of nursing about the antibiotics which were ordered by the doc but the nursing staff was too busy socializing to see to it the meds were given. The nurse on duty said the next shift was going to start the baby’s antibiotics…. I pointed out to the Assistant Director SINCE WHEN did the nursing staff decide to ignore the written orders and wait 6+ hrs for the next shift to follow them? Suddenly, things started to change and the baby was attended to.

I went to the local freestanding birthing center and gave them some equipment I brought with me and saw a few prenatal check ups to show them how to use the doppler.

This morning I went to the park to see the homeless kids (see pics) and got them fed at the local street stand then I want to Jollibee’s for breakfast and found the local professional beggar family with the deformed baby waiting….

The new baby has a bad case of scalp rot (see pics) so I took mom and the baby to the store and got some meds for the baby.So all in all, nothing has changed since I left!

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