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February 25, 2012
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February 26, 2012

Rural Hospitals in the Philippines are in a bad state.

Traveled to another rural area of the Philippines with no doctor. 17,000 people in the area. Pics are of the local health department and their toilet, which has been out of service for 4 years! And of course, no medications! So I returned today with some antibiotics and 2 laborers to repair the toilet. pulled the top of the septic tank and it was almost dry, confirming that it was not in use for quite a while.

Did some digging and found the 6′ pipe out to the tank was ‘gone’. Yes, gone! not collapsed, not broken, not full of roots… but stolen! And done so long ago that the ground was level and hard packed again. I was asking the staff there about the pipe that I was expecting to be damaged or blocked and they then said it was stolen 4 years ago… No wonder the toilet does not work. All the water is trapped in the pipe under the building and then it hits packed dirt where the end was cut when someone stole the pipe.

Huge tree and roots there so we are digging a new trench and bashing a hole in the side of the tank and will chip up the floor and install new pipe to the toilet. In the US, many thousands of $$$ to fix + a permit! Here, it think it will cost me about $100. The 2 laborers make about $7 a day…..

When I am riding the motorcycle in the Philippines and passing people on the side of the road, I hear Hey Joe! about 100 times a day as they all are yelling at me. Odd to see a white face this far out. Also with the motorcycle it is interesting to see how cautious I have become as I am now ‘old’. 35 years ago, I was doing 100mph between red lights. Now, I can drive as fast as physics allows, but now I am too smart too. Just not fair…..


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