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April 21, 2013
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March 9, 2014

I’ve returned to Samar

The runway in Tacloban was intact. But all the buildings were damaged. The very small baggage carousel was still there but the moving top was missing. There are tent cities now and thousands have moved into them while thousands of others have left the area.

Made the usual rounds today in Catbalogan and stopped by the 1 and only blind / deaf and dumb school class and gave out 10 hearing aids. All the kids wanted a hearing aid and I really did have to tell the teacher that deaf is still deaf! A hearing aid is of no use to a deaf person the same as glasses are of no use to a blind person. Only those with some hearing that needs amplification will get any benefit from a hearing aid. Once we cleared up that minor detail, things went smoothly.

The local government has cracked down on the homeless kids and begging as there were far too many kids after the hurricane. So they are more dispersed and in hiding during the day. I went out of town looking for Josephine and her family. She is the mother of the little girl with the double cleft issues.

As I pulled up to their shack, I noticed the shack was missing! The neighbor said were was a mudslide and the shack was carried away but they all got out alive. They build a another shack 100 yards away, but there were not home today. Ah, living the easy life in the Philippines.

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