Back to the Hospital
February 26, 2012
Down but not out
March 3, 2012

Not much going on. I rescued a kitten from the flood. Actually I sent Denden out in the flood to save the kitten from the rising waters (he is expendable). Less rain and flood gone now. Went to the local jail and brought them some rolls from the bakery. I have Den taking care of the kitten.

Just had another small earthquake here 15 minutes ago. 2nd in the past several days. They seem to be about 30 miles north of this island in the ocean. Just minor shaking, no TV drama[singlepic id=35 w=320 h=240 float=left]

Other pic is of part of the food beggars I see daily and they are waiting for me to leave Jollibees and give then something to eat.



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